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Body Language and Hypnosis – The Connection.

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered if there’s any connection between body language and hypnosis? I know it’s something I’ve been asked about many times.

If you’ve studied and learnt anything about Non Verbal Communication or Body Language you’ll know that it has amazing powers influencing others, attracting the opposite sex, getting you more sales, helps put people at ease in your company, etc etc.

Well there’s something else you should know, it’s all about making a connection non verbally at an unconscious level, yours with theirs.

It makes sense does it not, that most people can read and learn things about what other people are thinking,feeling, and planning to do by observing and decoding their non verbal messages – Body Language.

So it makes sense that if you can subtly control your own Body Language with other people you can influence them greatly.

Well there’s another thing to add in to this which makes your overall communication much more powerful, it’s known as conversational hypnosis and Dr Milton H Erickson was the absolute master.

He combined his body language with his words and literally changed the lives of millions of people on this planet.

Why? Because he was one of the most significant people in the invention of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by Bandler and Grinder, as it was Erickson they studied along with a few other emminent Dr’s.

You see he had a way of talking with people on all different levels at the same time, his body language and his words were so completely congruent with what he wanted to communicate to them, he could transform people in just one session of therapy.

Often times the client wouldn’t even know what was going on, as Erickson would weave a metaphorical story about something or other, seemingly unconnected, and the next minute the person was completely en-TRANCED and changes were made at a deep, meaningful and unconscious level.

Erickson would at different times control his breathing, the direction of his voice, the words, the gap…. between the words, emphasis on certain words or phrases.

He would even interlink one sentence with another and embed a command, instruction or suggestion in the middle, maybe marking it out with his body movements at the same time.

Unfortunately for all of us Milton Erickson died in 1980 but his work still lives on but Igor Ledochowski has put together what is probably the best package of Ericksonian tehniques anywhere.

If you’re interested in learning more about the art of Conversational Hypnosis click here:


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