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Boys Cleared of Rape – Body Language

It’s interesting to note that during the recent trial of the two 10yr old boys accused of raping an 8yr old girl that the court process was altered to accommodate such young children both accused and accuser under the age of normal Criminal Court Procedures.

The judge did not high up on his bench like normal and all the court staff wore civilian clothes and not the usual wigs and robes.

Whilst this may well be the proper thing to do with such young offenders it just goes show that the wigs and gowns, high benches were designed to intimidate under normal circumstances.

The high bench with the Royal Coat of Arms hanging behind them puts the judge above the accused a natural power base  big versus small.

The wigs and gowns being black give another sense of authority again putting the accused in the subordinate position.

Next time you’re in a Government building whether it be a court of law of not just check out all the power symbols meant to put you in no doubt that they are the authorities that matter.

Regards, Robert


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