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Hey, welcome to my blog page.

I just wanted to let you know about a rather unique self help gifts giveaway event that I was invited to participate in. I thought you might like to get your gift in too, and grab some subscribers.

On top of that you can also grab a TON of ebooks and software from the self improvement niches at no cost to you at all – perks of being a contributor!

The event itself is expected to get me anywhere from a few hundred to a couple of thousand new subscribers within just a few days.

Given that the event will be promoted probably more than 1,000,000 existing list subscribers I am confident that this is one event that is worth spending a few minutes to check out.

The promoters, Carolyn Hansen and Dr. Joe Rubino have asked me to get the word out to anyone who would like to participate in this giveaway venture… To get your “By Invite Only” private JV details, just go here:

I should also point out that these guys appear to have gone to a lot of trouble to present an event that looks completely unique, so your prospects should really enjoy this one.

Also, they have a couple of great one time offers they will be presenting to the prospects – so you will be able to earn a very decent commission on the sales! Note that there are only a few days remaining to get involved.

This will be one of the BIG ones this year, so go check it out. You will be glad you did. Here’s that link again:

Cheers, Robert

P.S. Adding your gift to the event is very easy. It’s all dynamic. You set the text and gift image yourself it it is automatically and instantly added to the list of gifts..


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