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How confident are you about…

Hi everyone,

If there’s one particular trait anybody can develop, no
matter how old you are, or how many challenges life
has handed you.

It’s incredibly powerful, and in fact, is the most
important element of achieving ANYTHING you want
in life.

It’s called Self-Confidence!

And here’s how YOU can get more of it for FREE:

If you truly want to create your life in the most
perfect way, you must have the self-confidence
to honor yourself on a whole new level.

That’s why I recommend grabbing this FREE mini-
Ebook/workbook on self-confidence…

With it, you’ll discover:

– What exactly stops you from feeling self-
– How to gradually expand your comfort zone
– Anti-Fear techniques
– What puts a smile on your face first thing
in the morning
– How to get rid of the guilt-baggage you’re
carrying around
– one action that you have probably never heard
of before that will drastically change your

and a whole lot more.

I urge you to take a look at this and read it
very carefully. It’s a quick 20-30 minute read.
THere’s no fluff… just great usable information.


P.S. The person that created this book is on a
mission to get this in the hands of a million
people. Please pass this FREE ebook on to 10
of your closest friends. Together, we can have
a more confident planet!


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Tools ‹ Phippsy’s Weblog — WordPress

Tools ‹ Phippsy’s Weblog — WordPress.

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Breakthrough To Success

A Special Gift From Robert Phipps and SMARTraining (UK) Ltd.

You and a friend can attend this powerful 3 day weekend event with our compliments! (Two tickets valued at £1,790)

Congratulations, you are reading this page because you are part of the elite minority of people committed to success and achievement.

You are where you are now because of your focus on learning and excellence.
People like you usually have a ferocious curiosity for learning. They are looking to maximise their earning potential, create greater fulfilment in life and make a difference by contributing on a larger scale.

In setting new goals do you ever find yourself frustrated by patterns of self sabotage? Are you absolutely clear on your life’s purpose or do you sometimes find yourself off course, or even lost?
Well, the fact that you are at this website means you are one step closer to ending those frustrations and turning your dreams into reality. And best of all, it won’t cost you or your company a thing.

YOU … are part of a select group of people who have been invited to take part in the acclaimed, 3 day Breakthrough to Success weekend seminar … with international accelerated human change expert, Christopher Howard… completely COMPLIMENTARY … as part of our Scholarship program (valued at £1,790 for 2 tickets).
It is 3 days of fun, fast-paced and revolutionary education which is light years ahead in relation to the personal development programs of the past.
Join us to discover (and use) a set of remarkable cutting edge tools and techniques, including Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Neurological Repatterning …
… techniques that literally have you TAPPING directly in to the power of your sub-conscious mind to create immediate and lasting change in ALL areas of your life …
… right then and there AT the seminar. It’s exciting!
We invite you and a colleague to join us COMPLIMENTARY. People normally pay £1,790 to be part of the event, which is a small price to pay given the massive value people receive.
Already, many thousands of people’s lives around the world have been transformed as a result of it. Now you and your team can join them.

18 Focused OutcomesWhich of these do you want to make yours?
As Walt Disney once said, “You can dream, create, design and build the most wonderful place in the world, but it requires people to make the dream a reality.”
1. Feel more confident and powerful in all areas of your life.
2.Be passionate, inspired, empowered.
3.Know exactly where you want to head and how you’re going to get there.
4. Develop a rock-solid focus in everything you do at work and at home.
5. Squeeze more out of each and every day, increasing productivity and profits.
6. Reach your learning and development goals without spending more money.
7. Formulate goals that stick.
8. Hit and exceed your corporate targets time-and-time-again instead of getting hit-and-miss outcomes.
9. Stamp out communication breakdowns, power-plays, back-stabbing and bickering between departments.
10. Be an inspiring leader.
11. Experience greater client loyalty and much lower defection levels.
12.Develop a dynamic, success-driven culture that enables you to be leaders in your marketplace.
13. Role model and integrate excellence for outstanding results.
14. Pinpoint and eliminate the beliefs and behavious that stop you from performing at your best.
15. Formulate win-win relationships in every area of your life.
16. Align your values so you can perform at your best.
17. Take charge of your financial future.
18. Watch your profits increase… and more.

Who Should Attend?
Entrepreneurs & Business Owners
Managers & Business Consultants
Sales Professionals & Sales Managers
Life Coaches & Executive Coaches
Teachers, Trainers & Speakers
Network Marketers
Anyone who wants to achieve more in their life or career
Anyone who feels that they’re not living up to their full potential
Anyone interested in learning more about the results that can be achieved with Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)
Business leaders who want to create a catalyst for transforming the culture of their organization.
People with ambition who want to get a promotion or simply enjoy their work a whole lot more.

Breakthrough to Success gives you tools to significantly enhance your performance at work … in the area of sales, motivation, enthusiasm, personal growth, profits, finances, leadership AND productivity.
In fact, Breakthrough to Success has been directly responsible for transforming hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. (read what people say)
Now it’s your turn. Limited Numbers So Please Secure Your Complimentary Tickets NOW!
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So please enrol now to make sure you secure your TWO Complimentary Tickets (worth over £1,790).

September 19th – 21st, 2008
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September 26th – 28th, 2008
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August 15th – 17th, 2008
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Why Do I Do What I Do?

I’ve been asked many times after speaking at various conferences and events “How did you get in to doing what you do?”

The simplest answer would be I decided what I wanted and went about doing it, but in truth it’s a little more complex.

This man Brian Tracy, is one of my personal favourites in the world of Self Improvement, his material is very comprehensive without all the whoop whoop hype of some “Guru’s”!

And it was only after listening to an audio program “Maximum Achievement The Phoenix Seminar” that I actually stopped dreaming and started doing.

So here are a few words of wisdom from the man himself, if you like this then there is plenty more at

It’s not what you have but what you do with what you have that will determine your success or failure. Abraham Maslow, the great psychologist said that the story of the human race is the story of people selling themselves short. He said people have a tendency to settle for far less from life than they are truly capable of. Many people are spinning their wheels in careers where they should be moving rapidly onward and upward.

Here’s how you can put your career on the fast track.

Choose Your Parents Carefully:

Someone once said that the key to success was to choose your parents carefully. That may be partially true but it is even more important to choose your job or career with great care. The choice of a job or occupation for which you are ideally suited comes before anything else. If you try to work at something you don’t enjoy or don’t believe in, you’ll never be happy, and you’ll never be successful.

Be the Best At What You Do:

Which leads us to the next point. If you want to reach the stars in your career, you have to become excellent at what you do. You have to pay any price, go any distance, spend any amount of time necessary to “be the best.” Extraordinary rewards only go for extraordinary performance; average rewards for average performance; below average rewards, insecurity and failure for below average performance. And here’s a vital key, you are being paid today exactly what you’re worth – no more, no less. If you want to earn more, you must increase your worth, your value to others.

The Key to Motivation:

The reason why choosing the right career, why doing what you love to do is so important, is because unless you really care about your work, you will never be motivated to persist at it until you become excellent. And until you become excellent at what you’re doing, you can’t move ahead.

The Key to Peak Performance:

The antidote to these fears is the development of courage, character and self-esteem. The opposite of fear is actually love, self-love and self-respect. Acting with courage in a fearful situation is simply a technique that boosts our regard for ourselves to such a degree that our fears subside and lose their ability to effect our behavior and our decisions.

Action Exercises:

Here are two things you can do to be more successful in your career.

First, set high standards for yourself and recognize that anything that someone else has achieved, you can probably achieve as well. There are no limits.

Second, select one key skill area that is important in your job and resolve to become absolutely excellent in that area.

Start today to get better and better.

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Body Language Course Dates.

Join me on the 26th July or 9th August 2008 for an amazing day of learning and understanding human behaviour by putting it under the microscope or to put it another way
“Body Language Secrets”
The day will take you from beginner to expert in a few short hours, here’s what I’ll be covering:
This is a unique chance to attend a VERY RARE (open to the public) one day seminar you will learn the framework for understanding body language and putting it to work for you.
*Get taken seriously at interviews and meetings*
Learn the signals you give to others without realising and how to interpret what others really think of you and what you’re saying.
* Get your point across positively *
Improve the results you get in all areas of your life by understanding the mind/body connection.
The body doesn’t know how to lie, it’ll therefore give you away when you do!
You will learn completely new ways of understanding your fellow workers, friends and family.
In fact, everyone you deal with on a day to day basis.
Robert Phipps is Body Language Analyst and Media Consultant to:
ABC, BBC, CNN, GMTV, ITN, Press Ass, Reuters, SKY and Numerous Other High Profile Television & Radio Shows and Countless Media Publications on a Truly International Basis, Good Morning America, Nightline, Glenn Beck Show!
The True Inside Real World, Tried, Tested and Proven Secrets of Body Language.
The Secrets Of Body Language Which Has the Worlds Media, Leading Celebrities, PR Companies and Blue Chip Corporations ringing my office when they want to know what’s really going on and how to make the best of any situation!
For More Information Go Here:
PS; If you can’t make one of those days, why not consider buying a set of the DVD’s from a previous two day event, where there’s even more material. and click on the DVD’s button.

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Body Language and Hypnosis – The Connection.

Hello everyone,

Have you ever wondered if there’s any connection between body language and hypnosis? I know it’s something I’ve been asked about many times.

If you’ve studied and learnt anything about Non Verbal Communication or Body Language you’ll know that it has amazing powers influencing others, attracting the opposite sex, getting you more sales, helps put people at ease in your company, etc etc.

Well there’s something else you should know, it’s all about making a connection non verbally at an unconscious level, yours with theirs.

It makes sense does it not, that most people can read and learn things about what other people are thinking,feeling, and planning to do by observing and decoding their non verbal messages – Body Language.

So it makes sense that if you can subtly control your own Body Language with other people you can influence them greatly.

Well there’s another thing to add in to this which makes your overall communication much more powerful, it’s known as conversational hypnosis and Dr Milton H Erickson was the absolute master.

He combined his body language with his words and literally changed the lives of millions of people on this planet.

Why? Because he was one of the most significant people in the invention of NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) by Bandler and Grinder, as it was Erickson they studied along with a few other emminent Dr’s.

You see he had a way of talking with people on all different levels at the same time, his body language and his words were so completely congruent with what he wanted to communicate to them, he could transform people in just one session of therapy.

Often times the client wouldn’t even know what was going on, as Erickson would weave a metaphorical story about something or other, seemingly unconnected, and the next minute the person was completely en-TRANCED and changes were made at a deep, meaningful and unconscious level.

Erickson would at different times control his breathing, the direction of his voice, the words, the gap…. between the words, emphasis on certain words or phrases.

He would even interlink one sentence with another and embed a command, instruction or suggestion in the middle, maybe marking it out with his body movements at the same time.

Unfortunately for all of us Milton Erickson died in 1980 but his work still lives on but Igor Ledochowski has put together what is probably the best package of Ericksonian tehniques anywhere.

If you’re interested in learning more about the art of Conversational Hypnosis click here:

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Body Language Expert Celebrates 100 Shows with Trisha Goddard

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday of this week I recorded my 100th show with Trisha Goddard talkshow Queen of the UK.

Yes, 100 shows in just over six years and what a great time I’ve had working with Trisha and her amazing team of people. How on earth they all manage to pull off what they do week in week out is truly incredible.

It takes true dedication from close to one hundred people to put together five shows a week with new guests, between six and ten of them per show, a fresh new audience of around one hundred for each show.

A crew of directors, producers, associate producers, researchers, editors, sound and lighting staff and of course the security to keep us all safe on and off set.

A wardrobe and make up team, people to look after the audience, runners to run around after everyone getting the bits and pieces they need, co-ordinaters to organise everything and drivers to get everyone where they need to be on time.

A truly amazing team of people and I take my hat off. to each and everyone of them.

As it’s a special celebration I thought I’d off a special discount on my DVD set, “Secrets of Master Communicators.

These normally retail at $199 but for the first 100 people who buy from the link BLOG ONLY you can have all 10 DVDs at the CELEBRATION DISCOUNT PRICE of just $100 including free postage anywhere in the world.

Click Here

Enjoy Your Weekend,

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Personal Power Information Newsletter

In This Newsletter:

FREE CD – 21 Ways To Do Just About Anything
NEW – Websites
NEW – Blog for Personal Power Information
FREE – Motivator Software
NEW – Seminar Dates

Yes that’s right you read it correctly, a completely FREE CD by world renowned expert Brian Tracy, one of the very best personal development guru’s in the business.

Brian has been an established leader in the whole personal development movement for more than 25 years and his material is highly regarded by many in the field, Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield, Bob Proctor, Jay Abrahams, Joe Vitale etc.

These CDs cover a wide variety of different subjects;
Relationships, Business, Sales, Motivation, Leadership, Confidence etc.

Just take a look at his site and choose which one, two or three you want. They’re absolutely FREE, you only pay the reasonably priced postage and they’re yours to keep and refer to again and again, believe me they’re well worth it.
At long last I’m having all my websites rebuilt and brought into the 21st century, most of mine pre-date the wheel in terms of layout and so the content is somewhat restricted.

The new sites will be far more exciting and have interesting articles as well as FREE ebooks, software, video etc. There will be various forums to discuss topics related to Body Language, Personal Development, Hypnosis, NLP, Motivation, Finances, Business etc.

My personal site,, is the first to be made over.
It’s not live yet but you can go take a peek and tell me what you think, just join the group forum on the left or you can email me personally with your comments to:
I’ve finally started a Blog, surprisingly it’s about empowering the individual hence the new name of my newsletters, Personal Power Information, to view it
Click Here.

Each day I come across new and invaluable information, FREE ebooks, courses, CD/DVD giveaways etc, and these superb gems will be posted in my new Blog.
You all know I specialise in the area of Body Language, Hypnosis and NLP, otherwise you wouldn’t be on my mailing list receiving this email.

Well I’m running a series of open public one day seminars at the beautiful Banyan retreat in rural Kent on Saturday 26th July, 9th August and 6th September.




For More Information CLICK HERE
Now it’s time for you to go collect your FREE, yes I said FREE Motivator software. All you have to do is click the banner below give them your email address and it’s yours.

There’s no banner on the Blog just this link:

Finally, have you or your organisation got a conference coming up and need a thoroughly entertaining keynote speaker or MC to hold it all together?

Maybe you’ve decided that in this time of financial woes to give you or your team the advantage they need by getting the best training money can buy.

Then contact my office to talk about how to make the very most of my services;

Motivating Your Sales Teams.
The Leadership Edge.
Negotiating Strategies.
Managing People, plus many other areas.

Make Your Next Event Memorable For The RIGHT Reasons.

If You Still Need Convincing Read The “Testimonials” below.

Call Now on Tel: 01233 335078 or Email Now For Bookings:

For Even More Information:

Copyright © – Robert Phipps – SMARTraining (UK) Ltd 2008

The Secrets Of Master Communicators Revealed At Last.

Fabulous, I’d go for a night out and pay to see Mr Phipps!

Many thanks for your wonderful, inspirational and entertaining presentation today.

I hung on his every word. The presentation was exciting, fascinating and really useful. It was a shame the session was so short -I wanted more, more, more!!

The feedback on your sessions was excellent, employees at all levels who attended were singing your praises.

Most interesting, his session was something very different and unusual for a conference like this but I (and many other people I spoke to) thought he was fantastic and we learned so much in a short space of time.

Thank you for a very enjoyable and informative afternoon. The feedback from your body-language session was very positive and everyone is requesting follow-up sessions to keep us ‘on the ball’. The post-body language ‘liars and guessers’ session was particularly amusing as the ‘liars’ were very conscious of their own body language and the guessers were picking up every twitch.

Thanks again for the presentation, it worked really well and people sure were talking about it that evening in the bar ! From the feedback I received they found it really useful and have also recommended we go into further depth at future events. So let’s stay in touch !

Thanks for yet another well received presentation. Everyone is now avidly reading their book so I’m sure the topic will stay with us as a conversation piece for some time to come.

Just wanted to say a big thank you for your talk on Saturday. It was really well received by everyone (mostly 10’s for both presentation and content) so well done. Hope we can work together again some day (would like to know more of what you know!)

Robert was one of the best public speakers I have ever seen, combined humour with a real enthusiasm for his subject matter.

Brian Tracy
Allan Pease
Conversational Hypnosis

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Hello world!

Yes I’ve joined the blogging revolution and we be posting regularly some of my favourite tips, websites, ebooks, audio and video links.


Everyday I get 100’s of emails from all over the world, some worth reading, some most definately not, so I’ll only post what I believe to be useful, informative stuff.

To start it off here’s two of my favourite personal development sites are:


That’s all for now.


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