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Body Language Course – Watch the first ten minutes FREE

Hello everyone, just a quick note to let you all know I’ve uploaded some videos to Youtube from my “Secrets of Master Communicators” video training course.

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Cameron and Clegg Handshake on steps of Downing Street

The power struggles started immediately when David Cameron and Nick Clegg met earlier today on the steps of number 10 Downing Street.

It may well have looked like all smiles and a marriage of political convenience but look a little closer at the handshake and you’ll notice that Nick used his left hand to grip Cameron’s forearm, which whilst this can be seen as an empathy connection sign it can and in this case in my opinion it was more of a control grip, the reason I say this is Cameron immediately responded by doing the same but further up the arm on the bicep.

Then Cameron started to wave followed by Clegg and as they turned to go through the door of Number 10 ¬†Cameron used his right hand on Clegg’s back to usher his “Guest” through to which Clegg immediately responded with the same but to make sure he remained the “Host” Cameron had to get in the last movement by doing it again once inside.


During the combined press conference in the Rose Garden at Downing St, again it was all smiles except when it came to one particular point when Cameron used a pointed finger directed at Clegg and saying words to the affect of “You’re going to be doing that” and that was a direct order.

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